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Digital Guarantees - Preauth

New service!

Preauth is the only collateral management system based on pre-authorizations of credit cards and other digital assets that allows businesses to reserve available lines on cards against promises of future payment.


With Preauth we can: 

  • Reduce late payments and ensure payment promises

  • Take care of the collectability of the guarantee established by the business

  • Extend the warranty period

  • Schedule all payments and collections

  • Renew, refresh or discard the warranty 


Its technology has already been validated since 2021 in Instacash connecting loans between people guaranteed by credit cards with the technology built. 


Through a API, this guarantee technologyadapts to any payment gateway in 120 countries, complying with processing and branding rules. Enhancing the trust of each transaction in different industries that need an immediate and executable guarantee


"Preauth proposes to create a collateral or guarantee for everything, and we will look for new developments of guarantee outside of credit or debit cards such as pre-authorizations of advance salaries, bank accounts, cryptos, virtual wallets and any digital asset... from flight miles to supermarket points could be a guarantee mechanism."

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