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Our services for you

  • Form document managementdigital and remote.

  • Confidentiality of your data.

  • Technical support.

  • Co-creation of additional functionality.

  • Legal validity of the document with electronic signature (4).

  • Optimize time and reduce costs.

  • Support thecare for the environment reducing the use of paper.

Advanced Options

  • Digital signatureadvanced.

  • Two-factor authentication.

  • Validation offacial biometric identity.

  • Notarization.

(1) Mandate promissory note has the same effect as the promissory note but it allows non-face-to-face signature.

(2) For your contract to be protected by the new law No. 21,461 “Give me back my House” you must include the current certificate of ownership of the property no older than 30 days.
(3) Not applicable to the following cases: 

  1. Those that the law requires solemnity that cannot be fulfilled by electronic document (public writings)

  2. Those that require the concurrence of the parties (bill of exchange and promissory note).

  3. Those related to family law.

(4) According to Law 19,799, the 3rd article states that “the acts and contracts granted or entered into by natural or legal persons, signed by means of an electronic signature, will be valid in the same way and will produce the same effects as those entered into by written and on paper.

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